Scott 2 Ply Coreless Toilet Paper, White, 800 Sheets/Roll, 36 Rolls/Carton (07001),Size: small


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Increase comfort in the restroom with this 2-ply toilet paper. With rolls that are nearly 75 percent longer than standard bathroom tissue, this paper will last longer and require fewer changes. Its coreless design makes for less waste, and the case of 36.Contains 800 2-ply sheets per roll for long-lasting use.Coreless toilet paper gives your office washroom a more environmentally friendly toilet tissue by eliminating cardboard cores and paper wrap.800 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per case.Comes in white.Each roll complies with EPA and FSC standards to reduce the impact on the environment.Features convenient storage and product handling with small 6-pack bundles, making your maintenance run smoothly and efficiently.Can be used in most standard toilet paper commercial dispensers.Its is part of the Green Harvest program, using 20% rapidly renewable plant fiber (bamboo).It meets EPA minimum standards and is FSC.Sheet dimensions: 4″L x 3.94″W.Reduce restock time with the ample length of this Scott bath tissue roll..Offering soft, premium products in your washroom shows your employees and guests that you care enough to provide the very best. Plus, with the smart coreless toilet paper design, youll need fewer refills, waste less and enjoy easy maintenance. Green Har


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