Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure

Our privacy policy is simple. It was not written by an attorney.

We value privacy. Period.

To that end, we monitor and track very little. We use Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) to keep track of website usage trends and patterns. It also helps us find errors and problems on EmployerDeals.

We use affiliate links.

The technology and infrastructure behind EmployerDeals is costly. To offset this (and hopefully turn a profit) we use affiliate links. These links were created by a 3rd party “affiliate network” and are tracked from our site through to the shopping cart if you buy something.

What does this mean? It’s simple — if an EmployerDeals user clicks one of our affiliate links and buys something shortly after that click then we may receive a commission or “finder’s fee” for assisting in that sale. Your price does not increase (in fact, our coupons means they often decrease) by using these links. Furthermore, we do not track you personally and don’t have access to your personal or business information.

We usually display ads.

Another way to provide revenue to support EmployerDeals is through advertisements. We typically use Google AdSense and may include other sponsored advertisements and paid placements.

Please note that none of the product comparison listings are done on a sponsored or paid placement basis. These products are included based on our formula that aggregates and processes various product catalogs to our specifications. It’s this algorithm that allows us to curate our product deals pages.

We use site-wide SSL encryption.

This “full https” step wasn’t necessary but is quickly becoming an industry standard (and we’re glad for that). It enhances your security at all levels (yes, even for our contact form) and provides us a safer way to administer the site.

On a personal note, we advocate the widespread use encryption because our usage can help those living under tyrannical governments. How? In short, if “everyone” encrypts then encrypted messages are no longer an easy way to identify those who are “out of favor” with the powers that be.

So there you have it! Our easy-to-read privacy policy and affiliate link disclosure. Thank you for using EmployerDeals. If we helped you please share EmployerDeals with your co-workers and friends.

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